Our services

Debt management,-recovery

Our firm undertakes professional and prompt enforcement of debts of business associations, corporate companies, individuals and municipalities, asset managers and yours throughout the country and the EU.

Recovery management  

Over the past 15 years, payment discipline has deteriorated significantly, an average bill has been paid for 165 days, and many examples show that debt management and debt management companies also play a significant role in financial markets in more developed economies.

Crisis management

Avoid execution, corporate reorganization, post-implementation legal issues, consulting, stabilization program, reduce or abolish the amount of tax debt, ease of payment, reduce bonuses, agreements, installments, deferral, corporate or private asset protection.


Preparation, immediate launch of liquidation proceedings, full legal representation of our client before the debtor, before the liquidator, against creditors.

Legal representation

In litigation, non-litigation and enforcement proceedings, as well as pre-trial lawyers, with partner offices as required at any stage of the case (s).

Leasing management

Managing closed-ended, terminated leasing contracts of financial institutions, banks, and overdue payments.

Enforcement proceedings

Enforcement, custody of notarial deeds, participation in electronic and traditional auctions, immediate legal assistance during on-demand execution.

Judicial mediation

Corporate, economic, or personal interests are behind most conflicts. The opportunities of mediation can be solved according to interests, at a favorable cost level and in a short time.

Administrative Debt Management

Bulk processing requires only postal or other way of debt management. FMH. procedure and implementation procedure together, as required.

Debt management for debtors

Advice and (or) immediate assistance to debtors who are experiencing difficulties in completing or promoting the case (s) faster and reassuring to both parties.

E-claim validation

Our office provides assistance to customers in FMH. (notarial payment order), and, after receiving the final order, can also play a role in the enforcement procedure for quick return.

Leasing tool

Detection of movable property or other objects subject to a closed financial leasing contract (gig, load, machine, etc.) and its return in accordance with the owner's regulations.

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