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One of the decisive conditions for the sound management and operation of individual and corporate businesses, private individuals, business associations, municipalities, yours, has been to reduce their debt and outstanding debt, or to manage or eliminate the existing debt. In many cases, court, enforcement and liquidation proceedings initiated by creditors may take years and no full return or profit is expected. If you want more than that, you should turn to a qualified asset management company, a qualified professional team, a reliable legal background, and a broad range of references.

Free consultation

Since our establishment, consultation has been free of this tradition and we do not want to eliminate it in the future. Our staff is ready to provide you with complete information on the fastest, most up-to-date solution and management of your problem. Ask me, we'll help!

For individuals!

Our office deals with the resolution and management of financial disputes, settlements and other financial problems between private individuals, highlighting not only the personal request but also the notarial payment order, execution, execution, representing the interests of the creditor in private transactions. Get help in the shortest time.

Debt management,-recovery

We undertake debt management and recovery within a short timeframe, in the case of a cash deposit based on the law of the Civil Code (also for debtors), which is supported by a contract, notary or other document. We also undertake to settle claims and accounts between business associations. The order for recovery is not precluded by a payment order, court procedure (court), order made, ongoing or ineffective execution, or bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings.

Judical mediation

Judicial mediation is a specific pre-litigation, conflict resolution, dispute resolution procedure aimed at establishing a written agreement to resolve the dispute between the parties by mutual agreement between the parties involved in the dispute. This makes it possible to jointly form an agreement that provides the greatest satisfaction to all parties involved.

E-claim validation

We help our customers with FMH. In addition, after the receipt of the final order, we also play a role in the enforcement procedure for quick return. Instead of the courts, notaries are pursuing payment order procedures. MOKK's nationwide unified system of cases is performed electronically and automatically within 3-15 days.

Debt management

Debt management is a complex legal and financial activity. Includes bankruptcy law, anti-litigation measures, litigation, enforcement, money laundering, debt, swap law and cash flow legislation. Knowing this and applying the law, debt management companies, in addition to their other services, can help with the management and resolution of problematic issues with their advisory rights.

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